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Introduction to the Polar Lodge

Location: Recorded on site in Collins Bay, King George's Island, Antarctica

Date: February 28th 2019

Director & Camera: Professor Emeritus Sue Roaf

6th March 2019 – GOODBYE PUNTA ARENAS – SEE YOU IN 2020
Roaring 20s in the Roaring 40s
Nao Victoria - Maggelan's ship
The Lodge evolves too

3rd-5th March 2019 – UNWINDING
Sue hits the Casino Spa
Manuel works on papers
Dinner at the Savoy

2nd March 2019 – GOODBYE ESCUDERO
Leaving the station
March of the Green Team
Last glimpse of Antarctica

1th March 2019 – NIGHT OUT IN A 'CARRIER'
Coolest wheels in Antarctica
Artigas station + iceberg1
Uruguayans like the Lodge

28th February 2019 – LAST DAY AT COLLINS BAY
Penguins love ice slides
Getting ready for 100mph winds
Goodbye Polar Lodge 2019

27th February 2019 – HOWLING WINTER ARRIVES
Wind over 34 knots
Boats safe in the bay
ORV8 - our tent material

26th February 2019 – GHER NET
Don't miss breakfast
Gher net being made
Excellent workshops useful

25th February 2019 – DOWNLOADING DAY
Iceberg tips and moves
Boat pilots wait for orders
Dinner time is always welcome

24th February 2019 – AFTER THE STORM
Joao washing up after storm
Unresolved flue design
Icebergs emit ancient blue

23rd February 2019 – COLLINS BAY
Our Rock Star
Joao - Guy Guru
Flaming sunset

22nd February 2019 – WATER AND WINDSCAPING
Velux solar lights charging
Building the wind wall
A miracle the lodge built at all

21th February 2019 – COLLINS BAY
Inner tent tied to structure
Epic iceberg plunge
Drone shot of PL2

20th February 2019 – WINDY DAY
Wind strong today in the bay
PL2 is just W of Punta Jacinta
Hard work clearing fire site

19th February 2019 - COLLINS BAY
Lodge loaded onto Zodiac
Perfect day: lodge rises
Joining heaven to earth

18th February 2019 - ESCUDERO
Ice sculpture littered shores
Amazing Aquarium
Bay Watch as data loggers load

17th February 2019 - ESCUDERO
Visit the Russian church
ORV8 outer envelope on
Pack tent to ship to site

16th February 2019 - COLLINS BAY
To our Collin’s Bay site
Test-run the tent in a shed
Test the instruments

15th February 2019 - OFF TO ANTARCTICA
Join the PROPOLAR teams
DAP Air to King George Island
Welcome to Escudero station

12th-14th February 2019 - PUNTA ARENAS
We fly over high Andes
To Punta Arenas
City of seafaring heroes

Scientific Intitutions

Logistical Support

Technical partners / Sponsors:

© 2018:20 Joao Pinelo Silva

10th February 2020 – Pack up Collins
New flue works well

False alarm for Tourism Ship

8th February 2020 – ESCUDERO BBQ DAY
BBQ Rocks

7th February 2020 – HOTTEST DAY EVER
Glacier Calved Ice

6th February 2020 – WILD WEATHER
Dry & Repair Tent

5th February 2020 – COLLINS BAY STAY
Glacier Filthy Melting

4th February 2020 – ESCUDERO
Study Room

3rd February 2020 – COLLINS BAY
Polar Lodge Intact

2nd February 2020 – ESCUDERO
New Laboratory

1st February 2020 – TO ANTARCTICA
Escudero 25th Anniversary

Rioters burn building

30th January 2020 – TORRES DEL PAINE
Cuernos de Diablo

29th January 2020 – TO PUERTO NATALES
Ocean High Jinks

28th January 2020 – TIERRA DEL FUEGO
King Penguin Park

26-27th January 2020 – TO PUNTA ARENAS
Graffiti Littered City